Sky Odssey

An Italian modernist movement in art, literature and music launched by the poet Filipo Tommaso Marinetti in the early twentieth century, futurism aimed to capture in art the dynamic element and energy of the modern world. Futurism’s contribution to fashion depends heavily on urbanity and urban space. The movement faded with the onset of World War II but continues to influence fashion today.  In fact, the Futurists aimed at “reconstructing the universe” through the practical design of objects and spaces and thrived on dynamism and ceaseless innovation which is what inspired the Sky Odyssey collection.

 Futurism redefined the purpose of fashion. It meant fabrics, designs, colors and cuts that reflect audacity, movement and speed which are all extensively seen in the Sky Odyssey line. Chimere, a two-piece outfit consisting of a crop top and culottes in soft glacial green. The crop top made with pure organza, incorporates dreamy puffed sleeves with signature crystal embellishments on the waist and back in emerald green, Himalayan pink and metallic cubes in mercurial silver depicting a galaxy-like pattern. A snapshot straight from space. The culottes make the look comfortable yet super trendy.

 Duchess, luxurious and royal, this eye-catching floor length dress in deep Oxford blue has all the right features for it to be fit for royalty. The front open slit gives this raw silk dress an utterly enthralling silhouette with heavy adornments of moonlight silver sequins and crystal droplets illustrating a sort of a Milky Way on the bow situated at the bottom of the waist giving it a glistening yet subtle look. The entire aesthetic is topped off with an intricately designed fascinator hat giving off a very elegant and sophisticated vibe.

 Steal the spotlight in the contemporary modern frosty ice blue mermaid tail dress, Sirene. Made with hundred percent pure raw silk, hand sewn to excellence with handpicked crystal and gemstone embellishments in pastel blue, powder pink, rose gold, fossil silver metal tubes; this dress will surely turn heads and prove to be a crowd pleaser. With its signature draped bow in organza knotted with contemporary style clustered embellishments, this versatile garment also consists of armlets to further accessorize it. Ruffled at the wrist, with miniature bows on the side, the armlets are softly sprayed with light crystals, opening and closure done by lace through loops.

Using high-tech and high-performance fabric blends with new textures and metallic surfaces to construct more versatile shapes, Espace perfectly incorporates the idea of experimentation with tradition. It shows an ideal fusion of futurism in fashion with the traditional Japanese inspired kimono turned into a dress with just the right blend of cuts and materials. The embellishments in fluorescent pink and blue consisting of varying textures like plastic, metal and stone structured in a Chinese fan pattern complimented the electric blue color of the dress itself immaculately. To further give it that iconic look, a hand accessory with hints of ice blue and candy pink seeping through delicate silver detailing.